This is what our clients say about us:

Dr Ablett spent 8 years as the lead psychologist on a multidisciplinary team in a national referral intestinal failure centre and provided excellent, caring and considered psychology support to some of the most vulnerable patients living with chronic gastro-intestinal disease. She was the first Consultant Psychologist in the U.K. in this field and pioneered a number of innovative developments to improve patient care. Her expertise was reflected by a number of national and international lectures alongside peer-reviewed

Professor Simon Lal
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Salford Royal & University of

Grounded in a collaborative ethos, Jo offered high quality supervision that was sensitive to my needs and safely scaffolded my learning. I would recommend the authentic sense of care and wisdom that Jo provides which I deeply valued and found greatly supported the space for my professional growth and learning.

Dr Gillian Fairclough, Clinical Psychologist

Having suffered with depression for a number of years. Jo helped me to see my situation differently and to gain perspective and insight. I am now able to identify triggers and use coping mechanisms, which have been a great help in my day to day life. Thank you Jo


I was so fortunate to have found Charlotte. She has a very compassionate and warm approach which was invaluable. I came into therapy with so much anxiety, but am now leaving it with a sense of calm and vitality. For the first time in ages I feel like me again. I was particularly impressed by how powerful and effective the EMDR therapy was and I would most definitely recommend Flow Psychology and Charlotte to others.

November 2021

Excellent service. Extremely professional and effective and has made a significant positive difference to my life. Thank you!

February 2022

Charlotte was so considered, understanding, patient and always made me feel listened to. She summarised my anxieties and feelings with ease and reassured me at each step. Thank you

March 2022

I have had experience of several counsellors and always ended up dissatisfied. This is not the case with Lucy – her support and advice has been invaluable. Many thanks.

April 2022

Jo was exceptional and very organised. She has most certainly made a positive and lasting impression on my life and I am very grateful to have had her help.

May 2022

Great service. Jo was very warm, supportive, and knowledgeable as a therapist. It was easy to set up sessions, and the service as a whole was very responsive to emails.

July 2022

I was really impressed with the service from start to finish. At the beginning when the psychologist on Bupa’s list wasn’t available, Flow was able to connect me with another member of the team and get me booked in straight away. This was extremely helpful to me at a time when my mental health was really suffering. I found my sessions with Charlotte to be hugely positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other service users. I always felt safe and supported, despite how challenging I found some of the work we did. She guided me through the therapy with utmost care and sensitivity. I can’t thank her enough.

October 2022

Lucy has been a tremendous help to me over the treatment period. She has helped me see ways in which I can alter my situation and clarified my thoughts. I am very grateful to her

December 2022

Psychologist very knowledgeable and helpful. I much appreciated her calm manner and her insights helped me to make sense of my situation.

December 2022

Great service, I would highly recommend this company

February 2023

Jo was fantastic and made me feel comfortable. I definitely saw improvement in my wellbeing and I’m very grateful for that.

February 2023

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