Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Using Yoga in Therapy (Offered by Dr Joanne Ablett)

Since training to teach yoga and specialist areas of yoga for chronic conditions and
psychological trauma, I use yoga therapeutically as part of my integrative practice.
Using yoga in therapy can stem all the way from incorporating Pranayama (Breath practices) for anxiety management and nervous system regulation, to the use of Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga) for deep relaxation or sleep difficulties, to spending a whole session(s) on specific embodied practices and yoga sequences tailored to supporting a health condition and/or for psychological trauma. This integration is really recognising the mind-body connection and that in order to improve our wellbeing we do need to connect with our bodies, rather than being reductionist and focusing just on more cognitive elements such as thoughts. Our mind and body are parts of a whole and are in constant interaction, voluntary and involuntary.

Whilst I would guide clients if I felt that some of these yoga practices may be useful, I will also be led by a client’s openness, willingness and interest in this type of approach. It is highly likely that you will find me suggesting at the very least breath practices or Yoga Nidra for you to try at some point! Everything is invitational though.

It is also possible to book an appointment with me to discuss the use of Yoga specifically if that is what you are looking for, rather than psychological therapy. I have particular
speciality in psychological trauma, digestive conditions, fatigue, and restorative yoga for
menopause related challenges. Please state in your enquiry so that we take your booking forward appropriately without waiting on a psychological therapy list. It is also possible to book a small, tailored group class/workshops for workplaces and/or friendship groups with similar needs if you have something in mind. Please do not hesitate to contact to discuss.